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Peter is sure that Carla is only with Daniel to get back at him. Rana is alarmed to discover that her parents are on their way over, having rung the medical centre and heard that she's off sick. Chesney covers Gemma's shift so she can go out with Henry and his mate Hugo Crowhurst. Brian in turn volunteers Cathy to work the shift while he takes Chesney for lunch to get him out of the house. Chesney feels obligated to agree. Sally refuses to give Tim the satisfaction of calling him. She and Dev realise that Gina is missing. Rana begs Zeedan not to tell her parents about her and Kate. Carla feels embarrassed for coming between Daniel and Sinead. Zeedan shocks Hassan and Saira Habeeb by serving them whisky and inviting Rana to tell them what she's done. Rana is forced to confess that she had an affair. Zeedan adds that it was with a woman. Her parents are ashamed of her but Imran defends his sister, saying they've always disapproved of her lifestyle. Maria feels outmatched when Shona goes on about all the training she'd doing for the match. At the bistro, Brian offers to role-play as a woman to help Chesney develop his flirting technique. Gemma and Henry meet with Hugo and his girlfriend Carly Kirkby. Gemma is surprised to find that Carly is dog rough. Maria thinks about having private lessons with Josh in order to beat Shona. Rosie locates Gina; she's been arrested by the police. Zeedan vows to drag Rana and Kate's names through the mud and sends the Habeebs packing. Hassan makes him an offer. Peter accuses Carla of using Daniel, making out that he's being the good brother. She tells him that he doesn't know her any more. Gemma shows Henry up by asking Robert to microwave her gazpacho soup. Chesney's ears prick up when he hears Hugo congratulating Henry on finding such an awful girl. Zeedan tells Leanne what's happened and that Hassan, seeking to protect his family's honour, has offered to fund his business in exchange for him staying with Rana for a year.


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