Hilda looks forward to Irma arriving with Darren and she and Stan obtain a cot for him. Stan finds an excuse not to have to go to the airport with her. Annie arrives back from staying with Joan and Gordon in Derby to hear from Jack that the necklace is missing. Len returns from Huddersfield - with a moustache. Alan wants Len and Ray to work together but Len tells him they didn't part the best of friends. Emily moves out of the Rovers and into No.3 to look after Dickie and Ray. Annie frets over the necklace. Hilda boasts about Irma as she shops for her arrival. Ena pushes Val into making enquiries about when the twins can start school so that she can take up Alan's job offer. Maggie isn't pleased, knowing that Ena just wants her old job back. Ken organises legal advice for Ray. Len goes to see Ray and is angry about the way that Dave Smith has treated him. He offers him his job back. Irma arrives back home. Elsie is delighted to see Len back. Annie starts to wonder if Emily's quick departure is linked to the missing necklace. Jack admonishes her and tells her to report the matter. Annie's suspicions turn to Hilda. Darren is not with Irma as the doctor said he shouldn't travel on medical grounds. She gives Hilda money for her keep but realises that Stan isn't as sick after the coach crash as her mum's letters made out. Bernard falls for Irma when he meets her. Irma gives the twins toy koalas. Hilda flashes the money Irma has brought her as Annie watches on. Emily and Ernie try to find local talent for the Christmas concert. Ernie tells Emily how much he admires her. Alan offers Val £14 a week to be senior stylist. She takes the job. Elsie suggests to her that Sandra would be a good stylist. Ena shares with Jack that the doctor told her that Ray could die at any minute. Annie becomes suspicious as to where Irma got the money for the costly flight and plans to confront Hilda.


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Notable dialogue

Hilda Ogden (showing off): "My daughter's flying in from Australia."
Elsie Tanner (patiently): "Yes, you had mentioned it."
Hilda Ogden: "Yeah, I did say she was flying over?"
Elsie Tanner: "Yes, yes, you did. I didn't think she was coming by kangaroo anyway."

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