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Gary and Tim search for Seb, without success. Phelan finds Gary discussing the mill conversion with fellow builder Bill Thornhill, an enemy of his. Leanne returns from Janice's. Eva tells Toyah that Leanne isn't to know about her pregnancy. Zeedan suggests Tyrone ask Alya for fundraising ideas. As it's Bethany's day off, Sarah, Gail and Audrey inspect Tassels to see what they're up against. However, Bethany is called in to cover for another girl. Phelan gets dirt on Thornhill from his contact, George. Nicola turns up at the yard and tells Phelan she believes him now that Anna has been exposed as a liar. She has been to see Lydia Hartman again, who admitted that she could have misinterpreted what her mother said. Anna is sentenced to five years. Faye is devastated and is cheeky to Roy when he asks if she's tried calling Seb. Smarmy Josh Tucker applies for Luke's old job. Toyah accompanies Eva to an appointment at the medical centre. Sarah doesn't think Tassels is that bad. Gail is embarrassed when Audrey gets tipsy and tells Lulu Lockett that she's there to research a book she's writing. Eva secretly rings an abortion clinic and books a termination. The ladies are shocked when Bethany appears on stage. They try to hide their faces but Bethany sees them and is mortified. Adam calls Geraldine and informs her that Summer is back. Eva feels like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders and suggests a holiday with Adam. Gary sees Nicola's car outside No.11 and confronts her at the yard. He can't believe she's back on Phelan's side. Geraldine picks up Summer at the bus stop. Lulu isn't happy that the ladies are scrutinising her club and tells them to leave before having a private word with Bethany. Bethany swears she'll never forgive them if she gets the sack.


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