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A jubilant Phelan applies for the job of foreman on the mill conversion. Gail is horrified when she hears about Bethany's new job and orders Sarah to forget about Gary and sort her daughter out. Billy packs his bags with the intention of going on the run with Todd and Summer. Kevin and Tyrone decide to hire a new mechanic. Alya gives them a mouthful for replacing Luke before he's even buried. Gary returns and tells everyone he was mugged. He hears that Anna has been charged with ABH for assaulting Eileen. Faye worries about Seb's whereabouts as he hasn't been seen since the trial. Toyah can't bear to ruin Peter's happiness when he suggests that they call the baby Suzanne, after Susan. Steve lets Tracy think he's only bought her flowers for her birthday before revealing that he's booked them a trip to Paris. Maria complains to Aidan that she isn't allowed to grieve for Luke. Billy and Eileen go to meet Todd and Summer but only Summer is there. Amy demands a new mobile phone for her birthday from Steve as it's only fair. She destroys her current phone to force his hand but he makes her go without. Peter lets Eva know that Aidan was all over Maria earlier. Summer tells Eileen and Billy that she and Todd were found by the police and Todd punched a police officer to give her time to escape. Bethany brazenly gets ready for work in front of Sarah and Gail. Sarah vows not to give up this time. Adam switches Billy's painkillers for paracetamols. Gina gets a flurry of orders for her business and excitedly ignores a reminder to pick up her bipolar medication. Eva stumbles on the factory steps while rowing with Aidan about Maria. Gary tells Sarah not to worry as he hasn't told anyone about Bethany. Sarah kisses him and leads him upstairs. Shona sits Eva down in the Rovers back room where Eva agonises over whether to tell Aidan that he's the father. They discover that Toyah was in the kitchen and has overheard them.


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