Seb is cross-questioned and affirms that is was Phelan who made him make the statetment. Eileen can take no more and walks out of the gallery while Anna, Gary and Faye look on triumphantly. One of Luke's friends agrees to make a police appeal for information. Still in the Rovers, Billy is in obvious pain wishing it was time for his painkillers while Adam watches on. Peter is annoyed with Toyah for thinking he still has feelings for Carla. She admits that she now knows there's nothing between them but pushes him to tell her what it is that's bothering him, just as Adam pushes Billy past them to take him home. Toyah voices her sympathy for his condition, unsettling Peter. Cathy agrees to help Gemma come up with an idea to do something special for Henry's birthday. Bethany tells Sam her concerns about Sarah and Gary getting back together. Peter confides in Ken his problems with Toyah. They are both suspicious as to why Adam is helping Billy. Zeedan tries to bring Alya out of herself but she insists on confronting her grief. Anna's family and supporters are pleased with the day's progress. Gary gloats at Phelan, pointing out that the police will start digging into his activities now that they suspect him of perjury. Liz also agrees to help Gemma with ideas for Henry. Eva and Adam go out with Eva still uncertain what to say to him about the baby. Gary goes into the Rovers to meet Sarah but Sam is there and drapes herself over him, just as Sarah walks in. She falls for the sting and storms out, with Gary following, pleading unsuccessfully that he doesn't know who the girl is. Tim is nervous about giving evidence at the trial tomorrow. Gary arranges for Seb to stay with an army mate the other side of Manchester. He can't understand who the girl was. Eileen confesses to a surprised Billy that she has doubts about Phelan. Fully in on Sam's plan, Bethany tells Sarah that she's better off without Gary. Gemma is taken with Liz's idea of a themed-party for Henry in the Rovers. Peter is about to confess to Toyah but she stalls him, saying that she trusts him and knows he needs his space. Liz gives Tim advice on public speaking for tomorrow. Craig is perturbed when Bethany confesses that she and Sam set Gary up. A panicking Phelan starts to pack his bags. Anna is surprised to get a visit from Eileen. They bond over Seb, with Eileen shocked over what her husband is capable of.


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