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Phelan is interviewed. He claims he had a good relationship with Luke and lies that he was at home when he was shot. He also tries to get out of DC Yates who made the complaint. Eva confides in Shona that she's not sure that she's ready for a baby. Craig tries convince Bethany that she's making a mistake but Lulu steps in and gets her back to work. Bethany extracts a promise from him that he won't tell anyone before he leaves. Tyrone finds out from Hope about Ruby's sabotage of Sean's samples. He's furious. An unwitting Eileen tells Adam that Billy's moving in with her tomorrow when he comes out of hospital and gets him to agree to help look after him. Sarah tries to find out from Craig what's wrong with Bethany but he covers for her. Shona suggests to Eva that she speaks to Leanne and Toyah before she makes any decisions. Phelan arrives home from the police station to a series of questions from Eileen. He grows suspicious and draws out from her what Seb told her. She further confesses that she searched for the gun and visited Anna, making him furious. He storms out of the house. Across the street, Tim and Gary see him leave in a temper and ring Seb to come and see them quickly, lying that Faye is in trouble to bait him. Tyrone confides in Sean that this is just the latest incident involving Ruby but angrily rejects the suggestion of professional help. Simon accidentally breaks a whole crate of wine bottles in the cellar infuriating Toyah. Seb is angry that Gary and Tim lied to him and that the police were told about his accusation. He tries to get away but Gary bundles him into Tim's taxi, determined that he's going to help Anna. Craig comes to escort Bethany home from the club, saying he hates the thought of losing her more than the thought of her working there. Leanne and Toyah's domestic matters mean they have no time to talk to Eva. Smarting over Eileen's lack of trust, Phelan announces he's moving into Billy's flat while he convalesces. Gary and Tim desperately try to convince a scared Seb to tell the truth to save Anna.


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