Zeedan and Yasmeen take a distraught Alya home to No.6. Jude and Angie kick Sean out of No.3. Fiz sends word that he can stay at No.9, much to Tyrone's chagrin. Rana can't find the right words for Kate and asks if she wants Sophie instead. Kate in turn accuses Rana of being relieved that Luke took the knowledge of their affair to the grave. They apologise to each other and Kate decides to stay at Carla's in Devon until she gets her head together as she'll need Rana too much if she sticks around. The Nazirs are besieged by the press. Chesney and Sinead are accosted as they walk to the Rovers. The pub regulars have a whip-round for Luke. Seb asks his mum to move away with him and they can try to get the twins back. Abi is keen and tells him that rehab has a rehousing scheme that will get them a place on the coast. Zeedan makes a statement to the press, saying that Luke was killed by racists. He plans to name and shame the Parker brothers but Yasmeen stops him. Phelan leads the residents in a round of applause when she defends Luke's character after a journalist mentions his assault charge. Abi admits to Seb that she was stringing him along and has failed rehab. Seb discovers that she took Eileen's window cleaning money while he was out buying food and throws her out. Tyrone breaks the news to Hope and Ruby. The police arrest the Parkers. Kate packs her things and tells Alya she's leaving right away. Sophie and Rana see her off. Kate tells Rana it's over before getting into her taxi. Sean promises to look after Tyrone and the girls until Fiz is back. Seb pokes at Phelan's bin fire as Phelan watches him from the upstairs window.


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