Tracy tells Steve that they'll be together whether Amy likes it or not. Billy is told that he has a complex pelvic fracture and could be permanently disabled. He suffers in silence, unable to confide in Eileen. Daniel asks if he can come back to work at the bistro. Robert agrees on he proviso that he doesn't poison any more customers. Carla gets them to shake on it before it turns into an argument. Carla and Daniel are each surprised to find out who the other is, having heard about them from Peter. Eileen wants answers but Billy tells her he doesn't know how the Barlows are involved. Adam goes back to work and arranges cover for Todd. Aidan and Alya meet with Justin and Dale Parker from Showcase. Alya thinks the men are being sexist when they're rude to her. Adam is bitter that Billy is still living his life after what he did. Carla offers to clear Robert's debts to help out Michelle. Robert refuses her charity. Alya realises that the Parkers don't like her because she's a Muslim. Aidan stands up to Dale when he makes Islamophobic remarks, causing the brothers to walk out. Toyah worries that Peter is still in love with Carla. Aidan is surprised when Alya asks him to grovel to the Parkers as they need their order. Steve and Tracy have a date at the bistro. Robert tears a strip off Michelle for talking to Carla about their financial problems. Steve spoils his date by continually glancing over at Michelle. Roy and Cathy prepare a belated Christmas dinner for Brian upon his release. Adam suggests that Daniel show Sinead what Chesney is really like. Alya wonders if she's doing the right thing when Luke reminds her that she'll have to see the Parkers every day. Billy confirms to Ken that he'll abide by their agreement. At Susan's grave, Adam promises his mum that she'll get justice.


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