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Carla joins the Connors' for Christmas lunch but tells only Aidan in advance so she can make an entrance. Aidan discovers Adam and Eva are dating when he sees them kiss openly. Shona throws away David's birthday present and lets him believe she forgot to buy one. Eileen tries in vain to contact Todd. Dev and Gina hear an intruder in No.7 and nearly clobber Brian who has let himself in to leave an apology present for Asha. Gina calls the police despite Brian's good intentions. Tracy tries to sneak Steve out of No.1 after their night of passion. Daniel sees him but keeps Tracy's secret from the rest of the family. Peter returns to his cab and drives to the edge of a cliff, with Billy still in the boot. Gail is thrilled with her noise-cancelling headphones from Sarah. Cathy is shocked to see Brian being carted off in a police car. Gary gives Sarah a present for Harry he bought ages ago but she refuses to take it. Billy is terrified to see a sheer drop beneath him when Peter opens the boot. Peter promises to make him understand what Susan went through. Eileen and Phelan look for Billy at St. Mary's Church and discover he never turned up for the Christmas service. While they're there, Geraldine Spellman accosts them, demanding to know where Summer is. Peter pretends he's going to throw Billy over the cliff but instead he drives away from the precipice and unties him, having only meant to scare him. As he comes to his feet, Billy loses his balance and slips over the edge. He manages to grab on and call for help. Peter rushes to his aid but can't get a grip and Billy falls to his apparent death. After some hesitation, a shell-shocked Peter drives off. Geraldine tells Eileen that she's been brought up to speed by a member of Todd's business partner's family. She vows to get Summer away from Billy and Todd. Johnny is thrilled by Carla's appearance at the bistro. Peter prepares to make a run for it. Ken finds him in a state of panic and gets the story out of him. Peter swears on Simon's life that he never meant to harm Billy. Aidan grows bitter when Carla and Johnny throw their money around and throws down the contracts he and Alya have landed. Gail drives her family crazy by singing along to her music, knowing that Sarah only got the headphones to keep her quiet. Steve receives a text from Tracy saying that last night was a big mistake. Tracy knows nothing about it and accuses Daniel of sending it. Peter becomes hysterical thinking he's taken someone's life. Ken travels to the scene of the crime and sees Billy being airlifted to hospital; he survived the fall. Johnny asks Carla to consider investing in the factory as Aidan is determined to put things right. Gail tells Eileen that Gary saw Nicola and she isn't in Australia. Peter cries with relief when he hears that Billy is alive. Amy readily admits that she texted Steve from Tracy's phone to stop them getting together as they're a disaster as a couple. Brian tells the police that it was a misunderstanding. Eileen is notified about Billy. As he's taken into the operating theatre, Eileen marches off to No.1 demanding to know which of the Barlows blabbed to Geraldine. Ken insists that she leave. David has a lousy birthday as everyone treats it like an afterthought and David the dog eats the cake. Ken and Peter tell Adam, Tracy and Daniel about Billy's involvement in his mother's death. Adam wants to find Billy and kill him but Peter urges him not to, relating the turmoil he went through when he thought he'd done so. Ken insists that they'll deal with it as a family. Carla decides to fund the business after all. Aidan finds out when he pulls a cracker with Kate and finds it written on the joke card. Carla tells Aidan she's going back to Devon leaving him to handle the day-to-day running of the factory. Brian is released with a caution but is immediately taken back in when he gets into a fight with a drunk man at the station who insults Cathy. Shona rescues David's birthday present and gives it to him: a star-filled umbrella, so that he can see the stars anywhere. Rita raises a glass to absent friends in the Rovers and sings I'll Be Home for Christmas with Eva, leading the regulars in a sing-song.


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