Gary builds bridges with Seb by arranging to give him a lift to A&E for his headaches. Anna makes it out of the hospital's grounds unseen. Chesney tells Sinead he's booked the registry office for 12th January. Mary treats Tracy and Angie to dinner. Tracy makes sure they're seated next to Chesney and Sinead so she can spy on them. Daniel pretends to be ill to leave work early but Robert refuses. Tyrone calls Alison Soames and finds out that Kirsty isn't in the country. Gary shames Kevin for dumping Anna after all she's done for him. The police question both of them about Anna's escape. Kevin feels her behaviour proves he was right to finish with her. Craig and Bethany watch a film together. The Phelans hear about Anna's escape when Tim tells Faye. Sinead feels bad for Daniel with Chesney going on about the wedding but Daniel says it's fine. Gary is a no-show so Eileen takes Seb to A&E. Phelan can't contain his glee about Anna going on the run. Faye notices and asks him what really went on between him and Anna at the hotel. He turns nasty when she refuses to drop the subject. Terrified, Faye moves back to No.4. Sinead asks Chesney to stop rubbing Daniel's nose in it. Michelle offers Kate the use of her flat to talk to Rana in private by way of apology for threatening her. Chesney feels unwell and walks out of the bistro leaving Sinead to pay the bill. Bethany asks Craig what type of woman he goes for - he seizes the moment and says her. Bethany is horrified and throws him out. Chesney suspects his food was poisoned. Fiz finds a cigarette lighter in Ruby's treasure box. Faye believes Anna was innocent and asks Seb to move out of No.11. When he refuses, she finishes with him. Anna hides from everyone and sleeps rough.


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