A disturbed Billy's answer is "no comment" to all the questions. A stressed Angie comes to see Toyah. George has been put in for tests but she can't tell Jude about her depression. Beth starts to verbally attack Fiz as soon as she arrives at the Rovers. The partnership papers arrive for the bistro. A row breaks out in the bar between the former factory workers as Dev, Sophie and Rosie happily watch. Fiz erupts when Beth calls her a thief. Waiting for Billy, Todd overhears PC Fletcher saying he's following up on the burnt-out van. Billy is released. Robert receives a happy welcome back from the bistro employees. He announces the partnership and that he and Michelle are renaming the place when they can think of a suitable alternative. The argument spills out from the pub and becomes violent when Fiz accuses Beth of being the van's arsonist. A returning Fletcher and his colleague are forced to intervene. Todd admits to Adam that he's the arsonist and says the same to Billy, who confesses that he has done something far worse. He relates to Todd how badly he reacted when he and Drew broke up in his youth, hitting his father after he told him to chalk up his homosexuality to a "phase", turning to drink and hanging out with hard men. Jude calls at the pub and Angie admits her depression to him. Billy tearfully tells Todd how he became involved in a robbery on a petrol station with a real gun, terrifying the girl inside. The drugged-up driver of his car hit another car as they made their escape, possibly killing a woman inside it, but they drove off and left her. Robert is pleased with how well the business has done in his absence. Tyrone is proud of the way Fiz dealt with Beth. They decide not to share the van's insurance money. Billy realises that when he confessed to assaulting Peter, the police took his fingerprints but they don't know about crash, only the robbery. A disheartened Sinead realises Chesney's extra duties means she'll hardly see him. Billy and Todd lie to Summer that the police made a mistake. A dazed Todd promises the crying man his full support.


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