Angie calls at No.7 and Mary drops hints about the amount of wine she thinks she consumed last night. Angie confides in Toyah that Mary thinks she's got a drink problem and is a bad mother. Billy and Todd argue again over Todd's handling of Aidan. Joseph won't eat his food. Chesney promises to try and get a second-hand washing machine to replace the broken one. On Fiz's orders, Tyrone reluctantly puts his van up for sale and knows of a washing machine that's for sale that he can help Chesney to collect. Matthew Singh expresses interest in buying the factory premises. Mary is happy to look after George while Jude goes for a job interview and Angie has a bistro lunch with Toyah. Todd and Adam overhear Aidan arranging to meet Mark, a financial advisor, at the bistro and decide to go along themselves. Angie confides in Toyah that she feels over-watched by Mary and worries that she can't cope and feels stressed that she has no love for her son. Toyah agrees with her previous diagnosis of postnatal depression. Aidan shows an interest in the van and Tyrone lies that it's a deathtrap to avoid selling his beloved vehicle. Daniel sees that Sinead is stressed and offers to help her take Joseph to the park. Tracy overhears Mary not correcting Moira's assumption that George is her son. Mary worries that George is ill again. Beth agrees with her and she starts to panic. Dev sends her to fetch Angie from the bistro. Angie decides to take George to the hospital rather than the medical centre. Mary worries that she's been drinking and isn't fit to drive there. Overhearing the business plan meeting between Aidan, Alya and Mark, Todd and Adam embarrass Aidan by asking him how he can obtain a loan when he is homeless and bedding down in the factory. Joseph responds to Daniel when he speaks to him in Portuguese. Sinead is impressed. Johnny and Jenny find Aidan's things when they show Matthew round the factory. He's put off buying, thinking that eviction costs will add to the eventual bill. Chesney's hands hurt when he and Tyrone pick up the washing machine from a house. They spot Daniel with Sinead and Joseph nearby and Chesney angrily confronts them. Angie puts George in her car and sets off. Mary is convinced she has been drinking and rings the police to report her.


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