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Anna wants to take Seb in when he gets out of hospital. Kevin refuses to let him stay at No.13. Summer wants to change school as the other kids are calling her names. Todd looks into applying to Oakhill but he and Billy can't afford the fees. Gary makes Sarah put off the flat purchase for a while. Gemma makes a mess of Jenny's flat whilst celebrating Rita's recovery. Johnny is peeved to find his good bottle of whisky empty. Tim doesn't want Seb at No.4 but Sally overrules him, wanting to make it up to Seb for reporting Abi to social services. Anna is astonished to learn the truth and insists that Sally tells Seb and Faye. Adam sets up a meeting with a potential client who could prove very lucrative for the firm. Norris works alongside Colin on his last shift at The Kabin. He and Rita grow nostalgic about the years they've spent there. Seb and Faye receive their HIV test results: Seb tested positive, and Faye negative. DC Fry and DC Macmillan ask Roy about the row between Anna and Seb. Roy gives a full account of the argument, establishing a motive for Anna to attack Seb. Adam's client Dave Dixon sees his old friend Aidan ahead of his meeting. Aidan advises him not to do business with Barlow Legal Services and gives him song and verse about Adam's factory scam. Sarah tells Gail she doesn't want any more children. Gail advises her to check that Gary knows this. Seb is stunned by his diagnosis. He's assured that he can still live a normal and full life. Faye promises that her family will look after him. The residents drag Norris to the Rovers for an impromptu retirement party. Rita is the last to leave The Kabin and weeps as she does so. Dave walks out on Adam and Todd. They laugh it off and remind Aidan that it's a tiny victory compared to what he's lost. Rita hears Johnny complaining about her and Gemma on the phone. The police enter Seb's hospital room and arrest Anna for GBH.


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