Phelan spends the morning tying up loose ends before setting off for France with Eileen. After washing his blood-stained jeans, he visits Seb and whispers in the delirious lad's ear that Anna pushed him off the ladder. Sally and Kirk prepare for the Mayoral election. Kirk canvasses in his Buzzer-the-Bee costume, carrying Peanut dressed as a butterfly with Beth as a flower. Sinead is dreading Chesney's return with Joseph as she feels she'll be a poor mum. Abi is concerned about the fact that Seb's white blood cell count is low. Yasmeen pretends to support Kirk to wind Sally up. Tyrone decides to buy a van for his scrap business and tells Kevin that his Uncle Frank has died and left him money. Anna is stunned when Abi admits that Seb may have contracted HIV from his late girlfriend Lacey, who was tested after being knocked off her bike. Anna is appalled that Abi has put Faye at risk by not telling Seb. Gina appeals to Kirk and Beth to see that Sally is trying to make a difference with her campaign. Tim is thrown by the revelation about Seb and loses his rag when Sally calls him to moan about his lack of support. Michelle visits a grey-haired Robert in prison and assures him that she's doing okay. The Phelans set off on holiday. The police call at No.11 moments later with the news that a suspected arson has occurred at Phelan's house. Tyrone goes ahead and buys a van. Fiz is annoyed that she has to pretend that his Uncle has died. Craig gives up his room for Joseph. Seb comes round while Faye is with him and repeats Phelan's words to her, accusing Anna of trying to kill him.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Phelan visits Seb with an ulterior motive; Sally's campaigning fails to create a buzz; and Tyrone's lies become more elaborate.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,245,000 viewers (5th place).
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