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Vinny comes to and finds himself chained up in the cellar with Andy. Nicola sets out to determine what kind of man Phelan is. Andy shows Vinny a photograph of the man he murdered. Vinny swears that Phelan is the guilty party but Andy clings to his belief that Phelan is no killer. Alya cooks goujons to make it up with Luke but accuses him of suspecting foul play between her and Aidan. Andy tells Vinny he has to stay in the cellar forever. Vinny suggests they team up and overpower Phelan but fear of the latter keeps Andy in line. Nicola visits Lydia Hartman again to ask her about Phelan. Phelan tells Andy that he must kill Vinny to gain his freedom as it's the only way he can be sure Andy will never talk. He ignores Andy's pleas to stick to the original plan. Lydia tells Nicola that Phelan didn't have an affair with her mother - according to Annabel, he forced himself on her. Lydia recounts Phelan scrapping with Isaac right before the family moved away. Beth mentions Tyrone's big tip to Luke. Tyrone puts his foot in it by telling him a woman left it, contradicting Fiz's story about it coming from a man. Phelan bundles Andy and Vinny into a van. He abandons them when Nicola calls him demanding to see him right away. Aidan and Alya land a big order with a client. Aidan celebrates by kissing Alya, who pulls away from him. Vinny realises that Phelan wants Andy to kill him and urges his companion to help him escape. Phelan meets Nicola at her parents' bench. He's shocked when Nicola calls him a liar who raped Anna and her mum.


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