Tim and Sally let Faye stay at No.4 but encourage her to make peace with Anna. Alya drops out of the factory girls' business to launch her new venture with Aidan. Craig prepares to meet his new mentor. Seb asks Phelan for his job back as he doesn't want to work for Faye's family. Phelan agrees to consider it when he returns from holiday. Steve is annoyed when Moira bills him £78 for a de-humidifier she bought for the flat, promising that it'll change his life. Phelan gives Andy a photo of Michael. Seb rows with Anna in the cafe and accuses her of splitting up his family. When he calls her her an ugly fishwife, she slaps him across the face, only to regret it immediately. Steve is nowhere near his target of 10,000 steps a day on his fitness tracker. Dev suggests they hit the clubs to find him a woman but Gina offers to set him up with a friend instead. After Steve leaves, Gina admits to Dev that she came up with the idea on the fly. Craig tackles PC Heywood about using his mug before discovering she's his mentor. Tyrone and Fiz receive a cheque for £2,000 from a woman who read Hope's story on the crowd-funding page. Tyrone thinks they should keep it for themselves as it was meant for Hope, not the business. Anna pays Phelan a visit and accuses him of putting Seb up to his tirade, having seen him smirk from the sidelines. Phelan gets a rise out of her by saying that Kevin fancied Erica as she had nice legs. She attacks him with a hammer but he easily overpowers her and throws her out. Once she's gone, Phelan picks up an earring she dropped. Steve arrives at No.7 for a blind date and discovers it's with Moira. Sally tells Sophie that she reported Abi to social services. Seb falls off his ladder while cleaning the windows at the solicitors. Anna sees him on the ground and rushes to his aid, quickly followed by Faye.


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