Betty thinks that Elsie will get off due to her looks. Cyril sees Sheila giving Dot a dirty look. Val starts to grow weary of Ken's complaining about his shoulder. Ray writes to the Flemings and tells them he's on the mend. The magistrates start to give their verdict. Emily can't get away from reading to Albert in his sickbed. He bores her with First World War stories and complains to Val about his meals. The magistrates dismiss the case on the grounds of insufficient evidence as there were contradictory statements about the telephone message that Dot gave to Elsie. Annie beats Jack at pontoon and makes him continue to take things easy. Mr Maddox-Smith asks Elsie if he can speak with her and Dot at No.11. Annie is put out when Betty joins in the card game and beats her. Audrey reveals that someone saved Minnie's life by giving her first aid on the spot and stopping the bleeding. Annie starts a collection for Reg Ellis's family. Sheila goes for Hilda in the Rovers when she slags Elsie off. Maddox-Smith tells Elsie and Dot that there will always be a shadow hanging over the two of them and asks them to resign from Miami Modes to avoid hurtful speculation in the future - they do so. Albert wants to move in with the Barlows but Val refuses to have him. Elsie throws Dot out and she leaves with their friendship broken forever. Ken is appalled when Val changes her mind and lets Albert move in with them. Sheila leaves and Elsie walks her to the bus stop. Ray writes a cheerful letter to the residents and Annie reads it out in the pub. Cyril reports that he isn't on the mend at all - he's just heard that he took three steps when trying to get out of bed and collapsed. Elsie arrives home and sees a suitcase in her back room, a dirty plate on the table and hears someone walking about upstairs.


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Sheila Crossley (about Hilda Ogden): "I can just see her there on the front row - knit one, pearl one every time another head drops."

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