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David and Shona prepare for an overnight trip to the Peak District to see the night stars with the children. Dane sends Shona a text telling her to bring the cash at dinnertime, arousing David's suspicions. Fiz thinks she's tempting fate using Hope to raise money. Billy overhears her telling Roy how the Underworld staff are struggling and tells Todd that it's Adam that's at fault. Shona collects the £1,000 for Dane from Barlow Legal Services but David has followed her and he demands to know what's going on. She tells him everything. It's Ken's birthday and he doesn't fancy just a celebration with his fractious family. He suggests a normal meal with Brian, Roy, Cathy and Audrey instead. Brian is annoyed when an unrepentant Amy and Asha knock his coffee over him. Phelan refuses to tell Andy who the subject of their captive-replacement plan is. Rana snubs Kate and Imogen in the bistro. Billy goes to the solicitors' and pockets the £1,000 from Adam's desk, thinking it's his and not knowing it's Shona's money. Sean begins his new daytime job at the medical centre. David joins Shona in meeting Dane and warns him to stay away. A fight almost breaks out when Dane threatens to tell the children who Shona really is. Billy anonymously posts envelopes each containing £100 through all the factory workers' doors. Adam notices the cash is missing. Kate is put off when Imogen wants her to meet her parents. Adam tells Todd that Billy has been their only visitor and threatens to call the police. As Billy listens to Sean and Fiz happily discussing their sudden fortune in the Rovers, Todd tells a shocked Billy whose money he stole. As Gail fusses, the Platts prepare their car, Dane watches from a distance. Amy and Asha are made to write an apology letter to Brian. Amy overhears that Brian will be showering at No.1 as the one at Roy's flat is out of commission. Phelan changes the bistro rota to ensure that Daniel has to work on Friday. Rana suddenly asks a puzzled Zeedan to start a family. While their backs are turned, Dane locks himself in the Platts' car with the children in with him.


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  • Kate Waters was credited as the Fight Arranger on this episode.
  • TV Times synopsis: David's run-in with Shona's ex puts his children in danger; while Billy tells Todd that Adam should contribute to the factory girls' fund after finding out about their money woes.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,452,000 viewers (5th place).
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