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Flora tells Phelan that Vinny, or "Harvey" as she knows him, is abroad somewhere but she can't remember where. He discovers that he is due to ring his mother next Friday as it's her birthday. Fiz finds Beth on her laptop in the cafe. She apologises but justifies it by saying how desperate they are. She's about to take Hope's picture down when she sees that money is starting to roll in. Daniel meets Cindy and thanks her for the tip-off about Flora that she got from an ex-policeman friend of hers. She comes on to him and suggests they go back to his flat. The Platts gather to wait for Shona in the bistro for a birthday lunch. Dane is also there. Colin pushes Todd to get Rita to sign the papers for the flat while she is still groggy after her operation. Shona deposits her money with Todd. Beth encourages Craig to make a move on Bethany. Andy writes a suicide note to Steph. Shona is shaken to see Dane when she arrives in the bistro. Phelan calls at Daniel's flat and demands to see him, interrupting his tryst with Cindy. She overhears Phelan threatening to hurt him. Later, Phelan sees Cindy leave the flat with Daniel. When David is at the bar, Dane tries to strike up a conversation with him. Shona distracts them by setting off the fire alarm. The appeal is getting towards £500 and a reluctant Tyrone agrees that the picture can stay up. Cindy gets a phone call from her husband. She leaves the cafe, talking to him and Phelan sees her putting her wedding ring on. By a ruse, he gets hold of her phone and sees her husband's name. Todd leaves the contract with Rita. Shona offers Dane £1,000 to keep away. David almost catches them together. Phelan finds Andy couldn't bring himself to commit suicide. He tells Andy that he's going to go ahead with his replacement plan as he's found someone who he wants to see chained up in the cellar for the rest of their life.


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