It's the day of the trial. Mel looks forward to being with Nathan, who has promised to give up his old life for her if she keeps Bethany away from the courtroom. Faye asks to meet Anna for lunch but Anna puts her off. Mel tells Bethany that she's changed her mind and wants to tell the police everything. Bethany goes with her, planning to meet Sarah and Gary in court afterwards. Rita seems in good spirits as the day of her operation nears. Norris begins to tire of Colin as he goes on about stationery all the time. Faye wonders if Anna is cheating on Kevin. Daniel yearns for a good story to write about. Phelan mocks him and compares him to Andy with his vampire stories. Zeedan asks Phelan to measure up the bistro for a refurbishment. Gary asks Nicola to forget what happened between them. She fully intends to. Mel stops the car at some railway sidings, where she turns against Bethany. Anna drops off some groceries at Seb's house for the twins. She gets held up there as Seb's mother Abi goes for a nap when she arrives, armed with a bottle of vodka. Craig is called to the site of a teen suicide. He's shocked to learn that a necklace like Bethany's was on the girl, who jumped in front of a train. The factory girls drink tap water at the Rovers as they pitch business ideas at each other. They struggle to think of something unique and go with Fiz's suggestion of making headscarves for kids. Abi thinks Anna is a busybody. Seb begs Anna not to give up as Abi used to be a heroin addict and he's worried that one of the local dealers will get her hooked again. Daniel hears Yasmeen having a go at Phelan about the Calcutta Street flats scam and gets the full story out of Zeedan. Mel keeps Bethany imprisoned in a shack by the railway line. Bethany feels like a fool for trusting her. She tries to shatter her illusions about being different to Nathan's other girls, to no avail. Alya sets up a crowdfunding page for the girls' business. Adam rows with Beth when she gives Eva a hard time. Craig keeps calling Bethany but Mel has her phone. After several missed calls, Mel answers the phone and listens as Craig tells Bethany that Lara Cutler has killed herself. Mel becomes distressed and drags Bethany outside, crowbar in hand.


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