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Sarah presses Gary for an explanation of his odd behaviour. He leaves money for the table and storms off. Craig visits Bethany and sees Mel there. Bethany gets rid of him and convinces him not to report it to his superiors. Nicola sees Gary brooding in the ginnel and offers him a sympathetic ear. Summer gets stitches after cutting her arm. Peter chickens out of telling Liz that her services are not required when she turns up for her first shift, eager to get started. Sarah finds the eternity ring inside Gary's jacket, which he left behind at the Rovers. DC Leigh goes through the court procedure with Bethany and Sarah. Bethany plans to give evidence through a video link but is concerned that the jury would respond better if she was in the courtroom. Gary and Nicola share their life experiences over a bottle of wine. Nicola admits that she's always been drawn to bad lads. Gary kisses her and she responds. In the heat of the moment, they go upstairs and have sex. They both regret it afterwards and Gary returns to Sarah. Rana and Kate spend the evening sniping at each other. Rana leaves when Zeedan doesn't back her up. Kate is furious when Imogen exits as well. Rana regrets her behaviour and tries to apologise to Kate but she isn't having any of it. Gary tries to unload his guilt by confessing to Sarah that his job is riskier than he let on. She's shocked to learn that he held a gun to someone's head. Sean gets Liz's old job at the medical centre. Toyah can't bring herself to sack Liz, even when she interferes with the rota. Gary gives Sarah the eternity ring and promises to tell her everything in future.


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