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The Turpins are discharged and return to Weatherfield in a police car. Betty goes to the Rovers and, upset, tells Arthur that Reg Ellis, the coach driver, died at 6.00am that morning. They are unable to find out any information about Ray who has been taken to an orthopaedic hospital. Minnie is still unconscious. Ena prays at her bedside all night and refuses to move, despite the nurse's pleadings. Jack has a terrible night's sleep in the bed next to Stan's snoring. Dickie, Ken, Hilda and Annie are discharged and make arrangements to return home by train. The women say their goodbyes to their husbands before they go. They wonder where Elsie got to. Stan worries that he's hurt his supping arm. Audrey tries to convince Dickie that it's him she loves. Maggie is moved into a side ward with a fractured pelvis. Elsie has spent the night fast asleep on the sofa and feels more like her old self. She tells Dot she got a lift back from a young couple. She laughs off the upcoming court case, making Dot feel guilty. She tersely knocks back Cyril's enquiries about her health. Ena refuses to move from her watch for Emily. The residents are told that Ray's spine is damaged. Back in the Rovers, Annie and Hilda exaggerate their injuries, much to Betty's disgust. Doctor Matthews, busy treating bonfire night patients, tells Ena that they have no real worries about Minnie but she will stay with them for some time. Stan starts to enjoy his rest in hospital. Emily feels guilty for organising the trip but Jack puts her right. Albert complains so much he's put in his own side room. Elsie is annoyed that neither Linda nor Dennis are coming to support her. She wonders who really did steal the items and starts to have her suspicions about Dot. She refuses an offer from Cyril to have the hearing postponed. Minnie comes round, much to Ena's relief.


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Nurse: "You realise I'll have to tell Doctor Matthews?"
Ena Sharples: "I don't care if you tell Doctor Who".

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