Bethany is still on edge about the trial as her watcher keeps an eye on the house. Moira mopes about Stuart's betrayal, disturbing Steve's read of his morning paper. Craig books a table for him and Bethany at the bistro. Todd worries about where Barlow Legal Services is getting all its cash from. Craig tells Bethany about their dinner date, supposedly to celebrate her new job. Sean has his guns trained on Eva. Peter and Toyah go for an appointment with Jacqui Ainsworth who is due to be implanted with their embryo and leave Eva in charge of the Rovers. Steve goes to bring Leanne back home but Michelle tells him that Will's charging doesn't mean Robert is being freed. Adam spins Todd a yarn as to where his money came from to buy new expensive office furniture. Phelan cleans Andy's cellar while his captive tries to reason with his better nature. Bethany's watcher reveals herself: it is Mel, claiming she is homeless and starving. Sarah is delighted to see Gary return early. Mel tells Bethany that she is scared of the consequences of giving evidence against Nathan and his friends and won't let the police know her whereabouts. Meanwhile, Craig waits in the bistro. Gary loses his patience with Harry when Nicola walks into the cafe and is served by an unwitting Anna. Bethany allows Mel into No.8 to clean up and tells her how messed up she is as a result of her treatment at Nathan's hands. She shows her the marks she received for trying to protect Bethany. Sarah enters and is shocked to see her. Bethany stands up for her, saying she's another victim of Nathan's. Nicola is depressed, having seen Scott with his new girlfriend. Peter and Toyah return to a raft of complaints from Sean and Eva about each other. Robert refuses an appeal as he wants to just serve his time and he apologises to Michelle for not trusting her enough in the past. Todd checks up Adam's story and tells him it was false. A client interrupts Todd's demand for the truth. Gary gives Faye a present but Anna is shocked to glimpse his bruises when he bends over to dig it out of his bag. Mel tells Sarah and Bethany that her previous infatuation with Nathan means a barrister could rip her evidence to shreds. Despite Sarah's concerns, Bethany is determined to get the girl on side as she's their only chance for a conviction.


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