Will sees the open door to his flat and rushes to investigate. Michelle sees that Steve has managed to get out but he tells her that Leanne is still inside. Beth summons Sinead, Kirk and Gina to the factory staff meeting and tells them about Aidan's accusation of Eva. Liz advises a weeping Moira to ditch Stuart. Michelle joins Will just after he hides a picture of her from his bedside table and checks that her scarf is still safe. Leanne is hidden in a wardrobe. Michelle desperately tries to convince Will that Rich is behind the break-in. In her flat, Maria tells Aidan that she doesn't hate him but she angrily rejects a clumsy come-on from him and tells him to leave. Bethany is still subdued and worried as she begins work. Michelle tells Will she has to get away permanently from Rich and he's forced to confess that he's her stalker. In the pub, the factory staff confront Eva and Adam stands up for her, saying it's slander but puzzling Todd as to why he's intervening. Michelle is terrified and Will realises from her eye-movements that she's keeping an eye on the landing. Furious at being duped, he drags her upstairs to see who's there and a fight breaks out with Leanne. She's tripped down the stairs and falls, injured. Steve returns to the flat and saves Michelle with one punch. Bethany gets Craig to the salon to practice her nail work on him. Michelle goes to the police station to be interviewed. Todd is intrigued when Adam again stands up for Eva, this time against Johnny and Jenny. Liz is flabbergasted when Moira moves her things into her flat, saying she's taken her advice and ditched Stuart. Beth, Kirk and Sinead tease Craig about his nails and his infatuation with Bethany. They push him to ask her out. Michelle is pleased when Steve offers to drive her home from the police station after DC Willingham tells her that Will is to be charged. Leanne is to be kept in hospital overnight but is otherwise fine. As Bethany and Audrey chat outside the salon, someone is watching the young girl from a parked car.


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