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To Michelle's annoyance, Leanne brings Steve to their meeting to plan to expose Will but he thinks they ought to go to the police. The two ladies are determined to obtain evidence though so he reluctantly agrees to join them. Aidan has spent the night drunk on the sofa in the builder's yard flat. Bethany plans to enrol at Weatherfield High sixth form but all she can think of is Nathan's upcoming trial. Michelle summons Will to the bistro and spins him a yarn that she's really left Robert and plans to open her own pub which she wants him to design for her. He happily agrees to discuss it. Aidan offers Johnny his support in reopening the factory but it's rejected. Using a ruse, Michelle obtains the keys to Will's flat and hands them to Steve to get a copy cut. An angry Bethany is told she has to repeat a year but Audrey has a plan for her. Moira sees Liz is missing from reception and Rana is forced to confess that she's meeting her scammer. Steve and Leanne return with the duplicate key and Michelle gives them the flat's alarm code, secreting the original keys back in Will's pocket. Audrey offers a reluctant Bethany a beauty consultant's apprenticeship in the salon. Steve and Leanne gain entry to the flat and look for evidence. An intrigued Moira and Rana go to the Rovers to witness Liz's meeting. The factory staff also meet in the pub to discuss their employment situation. Serving at the bar, Eva feels guilty. A neighbour of Will's phones him and alerts him to strange noises she can hear from his flat. Michelle insists she goes with him to investigate and manages to text Steve that they're on their way. Steve finds Michelle's hidden scarf and a photo of the two of them together but with his eyes scratched out. Moira is astonished when the scammer turns up and it is her husband Stuart. The factory staff demand answers from Aidan but he's forced to confess he has no answers and tells them to ask Eva instead. Seeing his miserable state, Maria offers him a shoulder to cry on. Steve suddenly notices the text, just as Will's car draws up outside.


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