Eva clings to a pillar outside her window. Aidan races upstairs to pull her back inside, while on the ground the guests think she's trying to top herself and devise a rescue plan with a dust sheet. Johnny and Jenny arrive at Rita's bedside with Sally, Kate and Billy. Colin Callen arrives in the street and looks over The Kabin. Eva's dress catches on a drainpipe which Aidan can't reach. Eva refuses to let him rip the dress so he has to pull her out of the dress to save her. The guests catch the dress with the sheet. Will tries to convince Michelle that she isn't safe at Robert's flat while he's in prison and asks her to move in with him. When she declines, he slags off Robert for getting himself locked up leaving no one to protect her. Will moves in for a kiss but Michelle recoils. They agree to forget it ever happened. As Rita is only allowed two visitors at a time, Billy hurriedly marries Johnny and Jenny before the nurse returns and kicks them all out. Maria gets little sympathy from Kirk. Michelle finds Will's photos of her inside a folder containing his work on the bistro and realises with horror that he was behind her kidnapping. Aidan and Eva get back to talking about their relationship problems. Aidan feels Eva isn't the person he thought she was. Johnny and Jenny arrive at the Rovers and open the free bar. Michelle doesn't let on to Will and calls a taxi to go home. She forces a smile when he tells her that he'll always be there for her. Aidan decides to try again with Eva. Colin offers to buy The Kabin from Norris. Norris turns him down flat. Johnny carries Jenny over the threshold into the factory which they discover has been stripped bare.


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