Aidan tells Eva that he had a year-long affair with Maria but ended it when she got pregnant. Eva feigns shock and establishes that only Johnny knew about it. She is moved when he pledges his love for her and their baby. He then sets off for the venue, leaving Eva to hash out the matter with Toyah. Will takes charge of a frightened Michelle. Eva decides to marry Aidan for real and confess to the fake pregnancy down the line. Adam's men empty the factory. Adam tells Eva it's too late when she orders him to pull out. Johnny promises Rita he'll keep Gemma on the straight and narrow for her if the worst happens. Dev, Sinead, Chesney, Beth, Kirk, Sally, Izzy, Tyrone, Fiz, Sean, Luke, Alya, Billy, Rosie and Sophie arrive for the wedding. Aidan waits nervously for Eva to turn up. Sinead is proud of Chesney for attending. Eva and Toyah arrive and Toyah spots Maria at a window. Maria is about to make her way downstairs to gatecrash the wedding when Toyah interrupts her and locks her in her bathroom. Jenny changes into her wedding dress and sets off for the venue with Johnny. Michelle confides in Will that she and Robert are still together. A hotel porter hears Maria's calls for help and lets her out. A Specialist tells Rita that she has a brain tumour and will need an operation. Norris and Mary answer questions about each other on the air and do well. Maria interrupts Eva and Aidan as they're exchanging vows and denounces the wedding as a sham. Calling on the guests to pick up a copy of Eva's scan she planted under everyone's chairs, she drops the bombshell on Aidan that they were printed from the internet and Eva has been faking her pregnancy.


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