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Norris tells Rita what he witnessed and that she's got Gemma wrong and that Zoe and Roxy are going to make her life a misery. Gina collects her box from Dev and tells him that she's skint. He offers her some hours in the shop. She's delighted and hugs him. David questions Gary about his security job but he's evasive. Gary wants to talk to Sarah about his next job but she has to rush to cover at the Rovers. Sally remains cross with Gina and for lying and accuses her of hiding behind her bipolar condition when it suits her. Gina borrows her laptop, saying she's going to sell more of her things but she searches for a loan company instead. Gemma tells Dev that Gina fancies him. Jenny asks Maria to go for a fitting for her bridesmaid's dress. Rosie calls on Gemma, telling her that she's going to help her with Zoe and Roxy. Gary tells Sarah he's accepted the second job in Ukraine, leaving on Friday. She's furious and he tells her how dull his duties were and that the money is easy. She's not convinced. Meeting Zoe and Roxy in the Rovers, Rosie poses as Gemma's lawyer and threatens them with legal action on four counts. Will finds a scarf of Michelle's in the bistro and pockets it. Robert tells him that his court hearing has been set for 6th September and he's putting the refurb plans on hold. Rosie accuses the girls of cyber terrorism which carries a five-year penalty. They panic and apologise, promising to stay away from Gemma in the future. David and Shona back up Gary, leading Sarah to reluctantly agree to the second job. David asks Shona to stay the night. Jenny invites Rita on the fitting trip. Gemma finds out Rita and Norris were behind Rosie's intervention and, when she's also reinstated as Jenny's bridesmaid, thanks her with a big hug. Gary promises to stay away from danger from now on. Gina gets a loan in Sally's name. Gemma settles back in Rita's flat. Rita goes to empty the washing machine but is perplexed to find she never put anything in it. Sarah suggests she and Gary go to bed but he finds an excuse not to. Once she's out of the way, he winces in pain as he removes his T-shirt, revealing his badly bruised back and ribs.


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Gemma Winter: "Don't worry about me. I've got more bounce-back than a pig on a trampoline."

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