Norris and Mary prepare to go through with the sham wedding. Roy and Gemma join the search for Chesney, who is still missing. Sarah worries about Gary as she hasn't heard from him. Todd lets her know that Shona is funding an appeal for Clayton. Yasmeen tells Tyrone that Roy's allotment shed has been broken into. Rita becomes confused while getting ready for the wedding and forgets about it. Sarah passes on Todd's news to David. As he prepares to give Mary away, Jude tells his mum that he'd like to find his dad's family. Sean, Dev, Tracy and the Appletons watch as Norris and Mary are married. Maria and Will are bored senseless as they work on Aidan and Eva's wedding favours. With Robert and Michelle back from Brighton, Will goes to fetch Michelle to speed up the proceedings. David demands an explanation from Shona. She assures him that she isn't paying for an appeal and has said as much to Macca. Locking the cafe door, Shona determines to clear the air with David. The reception takes place in the Rovers. Mary avoids talking to Jude about his dad. Tyrone finds Chesney cowering in Roy's shed. Mary stumbles through a made-up tale about Norris proposing at the cinema during Mad Max 2 when Angie asks her how he popped the question. Chesney opens up to Tyrone about his panic attacks and admits that he's constantly scared and a part of him wants to die to end his suffering. Tyrone relates to him because of what he went through with Kirsty Soames. Chesney doesn't think he's strong enough to take control. Shona is sick of David punishing her for being Clayton's mother and announces she's done with the street. As she heads for the door, David stops her and kisses her. Gemma casually mentions to Angie that Jude's dad was a bad 'un, assuming that she knows. Mary walks in just as Angie picks her up on it.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Mary prepares to go through with her marriage of convenience; David is furious to discover that Shona intends to fund an appeal for Clayton's prison release; and Tyrone hears that Roy's allotment shed has been broken into.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,415,000 viewers (5th place).
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