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Aidan coos over the scan photo. Eva is wracked with guilt, telling Leanne her plan has gone far enough and she intends to call off her revenge and her engagement. Gemma is shocked that Chesney has quit his job but he bites her head off when she tries to change his mind. Sally worries as she sees evidence of Gina's spending habits. Dev tells Gemma and Cathy to struggle along without Chesney but agrees that he will reinstate him subject to a formal apology. The Connors toast Louisa and Eva feels dreadful as they talk about the importance of family. Rita is touched when Jenny asks her to be mother-of-the-bride at her wedding but upbraids her when she's rude to Gemma, who is hurt by her comments. Eva tells Adam her plan to ruin Aidan is off. Seeing her genuine distress, Adam doesn't argue and agrees to hand over Underworld's computer hard drive for her to replace. Jenny is thrown when Rita asks her to make Gemma a bridesmaid. Cathy visits Chesney where she explains that she's arranged for him to meet Dev at the bistro at 1.00pm so he can apologise. Eva is under the desk replacing the hard drive when Johnny and Aidan enter the office. She's stunned when she overhears that Johnny knew about the affair and it's been going on for almost a year. Sally finds a pile of final demands in Gina's handbag, she queries whether her bipolar is behind her spending sprees. Gina is dismissive, but when Sally mentions Rita once helped her out of debt, her ears prick up. Two of Gemma's old mates, Zoe White and Roxy Ward, call at the kebab shop and she's keen to impress them. Chesney can't bring himself to leave the house and agrees to childmind Hope and Ruby. Gemma invites her friends to Rita's flat and shuts up shop. Gina acts friendly around Rita while they hear the noise of the girls above. Mary speaks to Jude via video call. Aadi and Asha let slip about the wedding and Mary is forced to admit she's marrying Norris. Jude's shocked. The girls raid Rita's drinks cabinet. Roxy sees a post-it note with The Kabin's alarm code and photographs it, just before a furious Rita bursts in. Eva tells Leanne and Toyah what she overheard. She concludes the entire family knew about the affair and resolves to take them all to the cleaners.


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