Leanne is incredulous and, after listening to Steve listing all the reasons it would be a good idea for them to get married, she heads out. Steve kicks himself. Nicola tires of waiting and leaves the bistro. With the atmosphere between Robert and Michelle distinctly frosty, Maria suggests to Will they head into town. Glad to escape, Michelle offers them a lift. Leanne calls in the Rovers and, demanding a large vodka, tells Eva and Toyah how Steve proposed to her. Gina overhears Mary berating the children for their revenge attack on Erica. She's pleased to realise Dev may now be single. Having built the robot, Billy and Summer admire their handiwork. Billy assures her he's not looking to replace Drew but hopes they can be friends. Toyah and Eva crack jokes about Steve and Leanne becomes defensive, letting slip that Eva isn't pregnant. Will kisses Maria. Phelan visits a church. In the confessional he tells the priest he deserves punishment for all his wrong-doing. Erica tears a strip off Mary for blabbing to Dev. Mary defends her actions and Erica turns on her, telling her to pack her bags. Michelle sits alone in a bar. She becomes aware she's being watched and goes to the toilet, leaving her drink unattended. Leanne gets tired of Toyah and Eva's comments about Steve and storms off home. Tim tells Steve he's been daft proposing. Todd is impressed with the robot. Gina marches up to Dev in the Rovers, tells him he's had a lucky escape where Erica's concerned and repeats what she said to Mary. Furious, he tells Erica she's a desperate, middle-aged woman and she walks out of the pub. Phelan returns home and apologises to Nicola for standing her up, suggesting they meet up tomorrow. She is not happy. A drunk Leanne brings a kebab for Steve and accepts his proposal, promptly falling asleep in a drunken stupor. Saying goodbye to Eileen, Erica leaves for Spain. Michelle comes round, gagged and trussed up in the boot of a car parked in a near-empty garage.


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