Toyah soldiers on and books an appointment at the fertility clinic to discuss her options but doesn't tell Peter. Gina receives a pile of bills in the post. With Robert still missing, Michelle scrubs the graffiti off the wall in the bistro while Phelan puts a new lock in the door. Liz complains to Steve that Moira Pollock is nice one minute and mean the next. Tracy scoffs at Todd's naiveté when he brags about how prepared he and Billy are for parenthood. Johnny offers the most productive machinist £100 to inspire the troops to finish an order. Gail hands Leanne a cheque for £25,000 from Nick as her share of the flat, readily admitting that she tried to talk him out of it. Liz is amazed when Moira reprimands Dr Gaddas for getting behind with her paperwork. Robert turns up, having spent the night in a police cell. He explains to Michelle that he was jumped outside a casino and then charged with being drunk and disorderly and fined £200 at the Magistrate's Court. Todd and Billy collect Summer's things from her grandparents' house while Geraldine isn't there. Tracy brings Amy over to the flat as a friend for Summer but they don't have anything to say to each other. Robert promises Michelle that his problems are in the past. Leanne offers the £25,000 to Peter to fund their next cycle of IVF and lets him know that Toyah has gone to the clinic without him. At the clinic, Toyah is informed that after seven failed cycles the doctors won't go ahead with the next embryo transfer as it will almost certainly fail. Liz advises Moira to be friendly for the sake of staff morale, relating her experience of running the Rovers. Moira finds the comparison laughable. Peter arrives at the clinic in time for Toyah to cry into his arms. Sophie sees Johnny award Gina the £100. A thug hurls a Molotov cocktail at the bistro door, setting it alight. Robert gives chase down the ginnel leaving Michelle standing terrified.


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