Gemma informs Chesney that the stabber is a mate of Robert's and brings Adam round to discuss opening a lawsuit. Fiz buys a china figurine from Gina for £40 for her class when Gina makes out that it's antique. Toyah doesn't tell Peter that she's not pregnant so as not to spoil the day. Rita accuses Norris and Mary of committing fraud with their fake marriage. Adam doesn't advise taking Robert to court and offers to try and prick his conscience for compensation money. Liz and Steve go into the Rovers as customers. Adam asks Robert to compensate Chesney for lost wages. Robert tells him he's not liable and is peeved to learn that Michelle gave Chesney £200 which could be seen as an admission of guilt. Toyah keeps her distance from Oliver. Summer complains to Todd and Billy about how strict her grandparents are and the fact that she isn't allowed to talk about her dad around them. Mary suggests that she and Norris marry for real so that they aren't conning the competition runners. Norris initially refuses but changes his mind when he sees how much she wants to win to visit Jude. Steve and Liz go drinking elsewhere when they keep being asked to sort out minor problems at the Rovers. Fiz demands her money back from Gina after her "antique" makes her a laughing stock at her class. Gina repays her only when Sally threatens to start charging her rent. Toyah confesses to Leanne that the IVF has failed. DC Leigh tells Bethany and Craig that laptops and phones have been found connecting Neil with Nathan and they've now been charged. Bethany is terrified of having to testify against them. Cindy Watson is keen to publish Daniel's article on the stabbing. He forbids it, saying he gave his word to his boss. Gemma offers to give her the full story.


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Notable dialogue

Norris Cole (to Rita Tanner): "You're more au fait than we are with the criminal element."
Rita Tanner: "Is that a crack about Jenny?"
Mary Taylor: "I thought he meant Dennis."
Norris Cole: "No, I meant Gemma. I mean, you must admit, it is a bit of a rogues gallery."

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