The Platts set off for the cemetery on the anniversary of Kylie's death. Max writes a touching poem to lay on his mum's grave. Sarah and Gary corner Mel Maguire outside the tanning salon and ask her to testify against Nathan for Bethany's sake. Mel refuses to help them. Anna tells Kevin she knows his mystery woman is Erica but that she's been dealt with. Craig feels duty-bound tell his superiors what Neil Clifton did to Bethany. Bethany begs him not to. Eva considers abandoning her revenge plan against Aidan following Johnny's news but changes her mind when he texts Maria again. Sarah decides to hunt down Nathan's other victims and goes along to a refuge centre where Yasmeen and Rana are volunteering. At the medical centre, Liz copes on her own with a queue of patients and a constantly ringing phone. Craig sees the chief inspector and asks to leave the police service. The inspector asks him to take some time to think about it. Sarah is stunned to see Shona fighting with a girl outside the refuge centre. The distraction allows the girl to elbow Shona and flee. Rana calls an ambulance as Shona is clearly in pain. David asks Audrey for £2,000 for a headstone for Kylie's grave. Gail makes him see that he's just trying to offload his guilt about Shona. Eva tells Aidan she wants a house and asks him to view a property in Didsbury. Aidan gets a better idea when Dev informs him that he's putting the flat on the market as he needs cash. Leanne is peeved when she waits her turn at the medical centre for an hour only to learn that Liz forgot to check her in. Moira Pollock walks in as Leanne tells Liz to forget the appointment. Erica decides she doesn't want to be with Dev anymore and shuts the shop while she tells him. Gary is surprised when his old Army buddy Joe Haslam turns up. Billy is upset that Shona is sleeping rough again and insists that she moves back into No.11 after she's discharged from hospital. Shona agrees with extreme reluctance, knowing that it's Kylie's anniversary. Neil attempts to silence Craig by feeding him a tale about working undercover at Nathan's parties to build a case against him. Craig doesn't believe him and alleges that he had sex with Bethany.


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