Robert sees his solicitor to sign on the dotted line and become the bistro's sole owner again. Sinead recoils when Chesney puts his hands on hers. Eileen catches Phelan looking over his old love letters to Nicola's mother. Billy is upset that he can't go to Drew's funeral as his parents have banned Drew's friends out of homophobia. Todd convinces him to ignore their wishes and attend for Summer's sake. Rosie opens a parcel for Gina containing an otter hound commemorative plate costing £79. Sally thinks Gina blew the £88 she loaned her to pay her electricity bill and is livid. Eileen can't resist having a peek at Phelan's love letters and discovers the extent of Phelan's infatuation with Annabel. Adam returns from London and moves back in with Daniel, deciding to forgive and forget. Sinead unthinkingly suggests the bistro for her date with Chesney. Chesney thinks she's using him to make Daniel jealous and finishes with her until she's decided what she wants. Seb goes for a meeting with Nicola and finds a different woman has been assigned to his case. Phelan assumes that Nicola quit the case because of him and decides to leave her be. Steve advises a troubled Eileen to let sleeping dogs lie. Sinead admits to Beth that she's drawn to Chesney as he's safe. Adam summons Aidan to the Rovers and, revealing that he took the incriminating photo of him and Maria, blackmails Aidan into coughing up £5,000 by tomorrow. Sinead tells Chesney she'll give their relationship another chance. Robert returns from seeing his solicitor to find an agitated Rich waiting for him in the bistro. Rich tells Robert he's in trouble and threatens to tell Michelle about "Catherine" if he doesn't help him out. Eva is perturbed when Aidan books a consultation with Dr Gaddas in ten minutes' time. Adam decides to rent 10 Victoria Street as his business premises and offers to look after Amy financially if Tracy acts as his guarantor. Tracy tells him to do one. Chesney admits to Sinead that he threatened to tell everyone about Daniel and heads for the bistro to offer to let bygones be bygones. Robert clears the customers from the bistro before dealing with Rich, who upturns a table and threatens Robert with a broken bottle. Chesney interrupts them and is stabbed in the chest.


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