Daniel's duplicity is revealed when Rich Collis asks Robert to pay up for the drugs. Adam anonymously sends Aidan the incriminating photo of him and Maria. Rana stops Kate before she speaks to Aidan and convinces her to let Johnny tell Aidan in his own time. Billy promises Drew that he won't change his mind about Summer. Bethany cooks a meal for the whole family in the secret knowledge that it'll be their last one together. Robert settles up with Rich and gets Adam to let him into the shop flat to make sure that Daniel is okay. They find him slumped unconscious and rush him to hospital in the bistro van. Chesney expects to be back with Sinead soon as he treats her to a quiet night in with her favourite meal and film. Jenny thinks about getting another job but Aidan makes the decision for her when he knocks her back to being a cleaner. Norris squares up to Aidan when he insinuates that Jenny is a gold digger. Kate convinces Johnny that he's being unfair to Jenny and should let her decide her own future. Adam realises that Robert knows more than he's letting on when he tells the nurse that Daniel has taken cocaine and GHB and promises to make him pay if Daniel dies. Kate and Alya move in with Luke. Daniel comes to. Jenny takes Rita for her first ever kebab. Billy confesses to Todd that he's agreed to take Summer on. Todd is livid that the decision has been made for him but Billy refuses to go back on his word as it would be cruel to Drew. Sarah arranges to go to a costume exhibition with Bethany tomorrow. Chesney and Sinead enjoy each other's company. Daniel leaves hospital, against his doctor's advice. Adam moves back into the flat to keep an eye on him. Johnny asks Jenny to see him, planning to tell her about his MS. He's prevented from doing so as Rita and Gemma follow in her wake, acting as backup. He begs Jenny to take him back but with no explanation for why he dumped her in the first place, she can't trust him not to hurt her again and turns him down.


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