Bethany panics when the men enter her bedroom and looks to Mel to rescue her. Instead, Mel shuts the door, abandoning Bethany to her fate. Anna is made up to see Faye at her party and hopes she'll move back soon. Faye tells her she's not ready. Gina arrives uninvited and enjoys letting her hair down. David learns from Shona that Nathan is a pimp who preys on young girls. Sarah and Gary are summoned from Anna's party and the four set off for Nathan's to save Bethany. They alert the police on the way, unwittingly allowing Neil Clifton to warn Nathan. Cathy and Brian go to the party as friends so as not to upset Roy. Nick takes back his comment about Ruairi, telling Steve he regretted it as soon he said said it. Steve is unforgiving. Daniel makes a full confession to DS MacKinnon and refutes Ken's story that he tripped. Nick tells Gail he's leaving Weatherfield as he doesn't like the person he's become here. They have an emotional goodbye, with Nick crediting Gail for giving him the drive to succeed with the bistro. David kicks in Nathan's door just as Nathan receives Neil's tip-off and empties the flat. Sarah is appalled by the state of Bethany. The police raid the flat and arrest Nathan for GBH and sexual exploitation of a child. Bethany defends him as he's taken away. Nick leaves without telling Leanne as he knows she would talk him out of it. Leanne sees him driving off. Shona tells the police what Nathan did to her, mirroring what Bethany has been through. Downstairs, Bethany refuses to speak to the police or be examined, insisting that Nathan has done nothing wrong. Sarah doesn't recognise her. DS MacKinnon knows that Ken is protecting Daniel but the CPS doesn't take any further action. Shona collapses at the police station. Leanne breaks down over Nick's departure. Sarah takes Bethany home but wonders how long she'll stay if the police can't make the charges against Nathan stick. Chesney tells Daniel to stay away from Sinead. Anna dashes Kevin's hopes for sex by crashing out on the sofa. Leanne takes off her engagement ring, while Bethany puts hers back on, expecting to soon be reunited with Nathan.


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