Nathan stubs out his cigarette on Bethany's arm to punish her for misbehaving. Playing mind games with Bethany, he gives her an opportunity to leave him but begs her for another chance, telling her how special she is. Daniel is examined by a doctor ahead of his police interview as he becomes withdrawn. Sinead wonders if she did the right thing by shopping Daniel. Chesney doesn't approve of her keeping the bloodied book a secret. Craig brings Shona to hospital. Nick has hypothermia after his quicksand ordeal. Peter brings him home. Leanne is stunned that Nick was minutes from death and realises that she does want to marry him. Anna goes home to change her top but Kevin manages to keep her out of the back room, where her birthday party is being set up. Bethany returns to Nathan. Nick is full of regret for his petty behaviour of late. He credits Peter for saving his life and shamefacedly admits that he might not have done the same if their roles had been reversed. Leanne is sure that he would. Sinead accepts Chesney's invitation to stay overnight at No.5, causing Beth to wonder if they're getting back together. Ken guesses from Sinead's manner that she called the police. Shona walks out of hospital before her CT scan. Anna thinks everyone has forgotten about her birthday and gets drunk with Erica. Nick decides he isn't worthy of Leanne and breaks their engagement. Anna goes home and is thrilled with her party. Ken and Denise race to the police station to see DS MacKinnon before she questions Daniel. Ken tells the detective that his memory has returned and he fell down the stairs by accident. Nick takes his passport from the flat. A terrified Bethany obliges Nathan and heads for the bedroom. She's followed by three men, including Ian Yardley, who pay Nathan for sex with her. Battered and bruised, Shona reaches David at the salon and warns him that Bethany's in trouble.


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