Nick is annoyed that Steve hasn't turned up on time to pick up Oliver. Leanne notices a rash on the baby's back. Billy asks David and Lily to join a bring and buy sale at the community centre. Norris and Mary embark on a competition spree. Mary constantly rings a radio competition to win a trip to the Lake District for Norris and tells Sean what the answer to their quiz is. Leanne take Zeedan's side on the bistro not giving him credit for his menu ideas and she clashes with Michelle. Nick is annoyed that Leanne has agreed to a change in the timings for Steve. Sally gets annoyed when a nosy Jenny provokes her as to why Gina turned up on the street. Leanne sympathises with Yasmeen for not getting justice for Kal at Tracy's court appearance. Sally uses her council contacts to get Gina's address off the electoral register and insists Tim joins her on a visit to her sister. Nick rails at Steve in the Rovers, cancelling his visiting rights. Sally's appalled at the sight of Gina's house but can't get a reason out of her why she was apologising to her the other day. Leanne is annoyed at Nick's actions. Leah explains that Gina is bi-polar and Sally, feeling awful, invites them to live with her. She smashes their living room window to make the house "unsafe" and force the decision on them. Ken visits Tracy in prison and demands to know what's being going on. Mary is livid when Sean rings in and wins the quiz. Tracy tells Ken the full truth that she mistakenly thought Amy assaulted him and the two are reconciled. She doesn't know if she's going be charged with perverting the course of justice. Ken thinks his memory is starting to come back. Sophie and Rosie are shocked when Sally returns home with Gina and Leah. The sale starts. Billy asks David to help Shona on her stall. Mary confronts Sean who tells her he did it to win the prize for Norris. David and Shona soon clash. Eva has banned Aidan from talking to Maria. He shows her the phone he's bought so they can carry on their affair in secret. Nick tells Leanne he finds it hard living in the shadow of all her ex's on the street. Offended, she storms out of the room.


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