Rob appears and stops Amy getting in the car, offering to take her home. Ken ventures into No.1 with Liz, intending to get things for Tracy. He can't make any sense of what he's been told and intends to go to court for the hearing. Rosie and Sophie have to persuade Sally not to call the police about Gina. Maria tries to wind up Eva in the Rovers, repeating the impersonation she did of her in the restaurant. In the cafe, Yasmeen overhears Mary referring to Tracy as her friend and rants about Kal and Tracy's part in his death. Ken walks in on the conversation and retreats back into the flat. Eva finds Maria's comments funny and not offensive. Norris, Mary, Yasmeen, Alya, Zeedan, Liz, Adam and Daniel attend Tracy's hearing. Rob bursts into the court, telling Tracy that Amy is back home and innocent of Ken's attack. He yells at the judge that they were in the flower shop when Ken was attacked and the CCTV will back up his claim. Tracy instantly retracts her confession. Sally tries to find Gina at the last address she had for her but fails. Maria makes comments about Leanne breaking up Michelle's marriage and her former activities as a prostitute. Eva is livid and smashes a cake in her face. Steve is relieved to see Amy back. The CCTV footage backs up Rob's story. DS MacKinnon is livid at the way Tracy has wasted her time. Amy tells Steve that Tracy lied to protect her when she thought she was the culprit but swears him to secrecy about the fact. Talking to Liz, Ken is left wondering who the guilty party really is. Eva tells Aidan how Maria has hurt her. Maria insists to David that she loves Aidan and it's worth losing a friend like Eva for. A sympathetic DI Young lets Rob and Tracy have ten minutes together before he is transferred to Humberside and a spell in solitary. He convinces her that Amy is innocent and he didn't want the child to suffer any more. He assures her that he will be fine and safe in his new prison, as the dark days of Rob at Weatherfield are over with once and for all.


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