Stan is badly hungover. Hilda rips into him and makes him eat his breakfast. Susan and Peter go down with mumps. Ken receives a mysterious phone call from someone he knows. Minnie has made rosettes for the supporters of the Rovers' team and cons Ena into buying one. Ken tells Val that they've a guest for dinner but takes the opportunity to rush out to see the match before he can say who it is. The residents gather to watch the match. Dickie gets annoyed when the menfolk, including opposing player Tommy Deakin, give Audrey hugs and kisses when she scores. At half time the score is 3 - 2 to The Flying Horse. Val is shocked when Ken tells her that their guest is Dave Robbins. The women bicker with the men when they catch them drinking at half-time. Emily takes photographs of the match. Hilda scores an equaliser, annoying the menfolk who don't think they can last out through extra time. Dave arrives for dinner. The Rovers win on the toss of a coin and return in victory to the pub. A parcel arrives for Minnie for her birthday but she wants the Flemings to look after it until the day itself arrives. Dave is coy about why he has returned to the area. Dave shows an interest in the maisonettes and hears that No.12 is empty. Val seems taken with Dave again.


Regular cast

Guest cast



Notable dialogue

Minnie Caldwell (to Audrey Fleming in her football kit): "Oh, you do look pretty."
Ena Sharples: "Good job you're not talkin' to Nobby Stiles."


Len Fairclough (after Hilda Ogden scores a goal): "Stan, Hilda wants kissing...amongst other things..."

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