Rob's car has broken down on a country road with Amy asleep in the back. A fretting Steve tells his drivers to keep an eye out for his daughter and decides to join the search himself. Aidan and Eva have enjoyed a night of passion. He receives a text from Maria. Tracy is interviewed and insists that she hasn't seen Rob. Ken is incredulous at Tracy's actions and he and Adam also blame Luke for helping provide her false alibi. Audrey spreads the news about Tracy's confession and Amy's disappearance. Rob gets impatient as he has trouble fixing the car. When he refuses to ring Tracy, Amy guesses that her mother has been arrested. He confirms that it's for attacking Ken. Distraught, she storms off. Zeedan is depressed that he's not getting anywhere at the bistro. Leah turns up on the street, chasing after Gina who is on her way to see Sally. Rob chases after Amy who is amazed to find that her mother suspected her of the attack on her granddad. Tracy rings the Rovers from the police station and asks to speak to Steve. Liz answers and refuses to help her, telling her how much her actions would have upset Deirdre. Tracy breaks down. Rob tells Amy that he can't help Tracy as it would expose him to the men who want him dead. When she rants at him, he gives her money and tells her to do one. Rosie, Sophie and Leah can't think where to find Gina. As they walk off, the lady herself turns off Viaduct Street. Ken tells Adam he left Tracy out of the will as he was gifting her the money now to buy the flower shop. Maria agrees to cook a meal for Aidan tomorrow night. David sees the two walking away from their meeting in the ginnel and guesses something has happened. Rana turns up with a hot food van she has bought for Zeedan to run his own business from. Gina waits outside the factory. As Sally appears, Leah appears, drags her into her car and drives her off and she yells an apology to her sister. Tiggsy tells Rob he has one more chance tonight to escape. David warns Maria to end her fling with Aidan. She confesses she's fallen in love and resolves to end her friendship with Eva. On a country road, a man stops for Amy and offers her a lift.


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