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An indignant Amy grills Tracy and gets the whole story out of her. Desperate to gain her compliance, Tracy tells her they'll go home once Rob makes his getaway but Amy doesn't feel safe around him. Neil suggests to Nathan that he throws another party and invites Ian Yardley. On his way home, Aidan passes by Maria who has had to walk. As she's nearing her tag curfew, Aidan gives her a ride. Craig nervously awaits his first shift on patrol with his tutor constable. Beth is proud to see him in uniform. Robert and Michelle create a new lunch menu. Zeedan chips in with his own suggestions and cooks some sample snacks to win them over, gunning for a promotion. Amy lets slip to Rob and Tracy that she's called Steve. At the same moment, Rob sees a squad of police cars driving up to the cottage and decides to flee. Tracy puts Amy in the car and tells Rob to see that she gets home safely. After they drive off, the police apprehend Tracy who denies seeing Rob and confesses to attacking Ken. She claims she put Amy on a bus back to Weatherfield. Maria arrives home with five seconds to spare. In the heat of the moment, she and Aidan kiss passionately. After they have sex, Aidan is consumed with guilt. Maria realises he'll never leave Eva and offers to be his secret mistress. Eva defends Aidan when David has a pop at him in the Rovers. Robert uses Zeedan's ideas but doesn't give him a promotion. Aidan returns home to find an apologetic Eva preparing an intimate meal. Steve tells a stunned Ken that Tracy has confessed. Ken doesn't think he'll ever get over it. Tracy is locked in a cell.


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  • The Peak District cottage scenes were recorded at the Quarlton Fold Farm Bed & Breakfast, Bury Road, Turton, Bolton while the scene where Aidan Connor picks up Maria Connor in his car was recorded at Waterfront Quay in Salford.
  • The waitress at Nick's Bistro and the police in the Peak District are uncredited, despite having lines of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: Aidan and Maria struggle to keep their hands off each other; and Rob freaks out when he realises Amy phoned Steve and told him where they are staying.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,588,000 viewers (4th place).
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