Aidan quizzes David about his "relationship" with Maria. Amused by his interest, David keeps him guessing. Adam finds Tracy and Amy's phones at No.1. Steve reports them missing when he discovers Amy's passport is missing. Bethany doesn't understand why Nathan encouraged her to sleep with Neil. Implying that she's too young to understand, Mel explains that men treat sex more casually than women. Robert and Maria help Michelle move her things into Victoria Court. DS MacKinnon refuses to act on Tracy and Amy's disappearance. Mel shows Bethany a ring box; Nathan was going to propose until she screwed up. Bethany resolves to win back her man. Leanne warns Robert that Michelle is obviously on the rebound as they barely know each other. Bethany apologises to Nathan for her immaturity. Playing the victim, Nathan offers to step aside if she doesn't want him any more. Steve and Liz are shocked to see a missing persons appeal for Tracy and Amy on the news. In the Peak District, Rob meets with Tiggsy who advises him to ditch his companions and go it alone. As they're talking, Rob clocks the appeal on TV. David lets Maria know that Aidan still fancies her. DI Young, the detective on Rob's case, informs Steve and Ken that he's escaped from prison and that the public appeal over Tracy and Amy is really a way to flush out Rob. Aidan gets fed up with Eva dropping hints about getting married and calls her pathetic. Nathan makes up with Bethany and explains his paranoia as being the result of his ex, Angela, jilting him at the altar. After she pledges never to leave him, he goes down on one knee and asks her to marry him. Tracy sees the appeal on TV but hides it from Amy. Gary and Sarah are horrified when Bethany changes her status on social media to "engaged".


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