Rob keeps out of sight at a cottage in the Peak District. Amy is bored without her phone and iPad, which Tracy deliberately left behind. Nathan tells Bethany that Neil has written off the debt thanks to her. Bethany feels a cheat for letting Neil touch her. Nathan shocks her by approving. Rob gets on at Tracy to come clean to Amy. Sophie questions Sally about Gina Seddon and learns that Sally hasn't heard from her sister in years. Adam returns to the street as Luke gets back from visiting Steph in Portugal. Bethany is confused by recent events and goes to see Sarah, deserting Mel at the tanning salon. Adam swears to Ken that he didn't attack him and pins the blame on Tracy - why else has she suddenly disappeared? Robert drops Street Cars as the bistro's delivery drivers because of Steve. Steve signs the divorce papers. The sight of him feeding Oliver upsets Michelle. Adam warns Steve that Tracy has done a runner with Amy. Rob goes outside to call his mate Tiggsy and discovers he won't be picked up for another day. He accidentally locks himself out of the cottage. Nathan is furious with Mel for letting Bethany go. At No.8, it's obvious to Sarah that Nathan has upset Bethany but Bethany can't find the words and puts on a brave face. Rosie and Sophie call on Gina and accuse her of trolling Sally. She's dumbfounded by the allegation. Todd admits to Billy that he doesn't want to be a parent, much less to someone else's child. The cottage's landlord catches Rob climbing through the window and calls the police.


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  • The Peak District scenes were recorded at the Quarlton Fold Farm Bed & Breakfast, Bury Road, Turton, Bolton.
  • TV Times synopsis: Tracy assures a hiding Rob that she will explain all to Amy soon; and an upset Bethany is confused when Nathan thanks her for looking after his mate, Neil.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,494,000 viewers (5th place).
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