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His provocation having been successful, Nathan orders Mel to take Bethany away from Gary's anger and threatens to call the police unless he and Sarah leave. Sarah doesn't listen to Gary's protestations about Nathan's remark to him. Daniel calls on Ken at his request. The conversation goes well until Daniel reminds him that Sinead lost the baby and is then hurt when Ken says there could be a silver lining. Ken apologises for being insensitive. The police are granted an extension to hold Adam. He realises they are suspicious of Tracy but they remind him that he has motive and no alibi. Rob and Tracy have made love. She admits she feels a sense of peace with him. Dev coaches his shop staff, ready to form his quiz team. He throws Kevin out of the kebab shop when he finds out that he is on Tim's team. The police call for Luke and Kevin tells them he's gone on holiday to Portugal. Drew leaves and Billy realises Todd is jealous. Nathan and Mel tell Bethany that Gary is a dangerous man. The teams gather in the Rovers. Dev objects to Brian being on the Underworld team and recruits Billy to his team. Todd joins "Timothy's Angels". Tracy stresses to Rob that her parenting has had an adverse effect on Amy and tells him that it was her daughter who attacked Ken. Rob tells her that makes no sense. He reminds her he needs a mobile phone from her and she walks out, thinking he's using her. Sarah resolves to make Bethany see what a creep Nathan is. Toyah admits to Leanne that she went behind Peter's back and had the embryos implanted. She swears her sister to secrecy. Liz announces the quiz results and there is a tiebreak between "The Dev Star" and "All Sewn Up". Cathy and Brian are elected to take part in a sudden death question. Cathy wins and Aidan pays his bet. Cathy realises Brian lost on purpose and they are about to kiss but Gemma interrupts them. Nathan tells Mel that it's time to take the next step with Bethany. Tracy brings a phone to Rob. She suggests she and Amy run away with him.


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