Cyril tells Maggie that her attitude is hurting Betty's feelings. Maggie begs Len to ask Ena not to contact Les. Dickie helps round the house and cooks Audrey's breakfast. Albert trains Stan, Hilda and Cyril in keep-fit routines. Len passes on a message through Minnie to Ena telling her to keep her mouth shut. The team plan to kidnap Dolores - The Flying Horse's donkey mascot - to create a psychological advantage. Hilda volunteers her and Stan for the task. To forestall Ena, Len announces to everyone at the Rovers that Maggie stayed the night at his house in his absence and she had the place to herself. Maggie is grateful and Betty is pleased. Ena tells Len what went on is between his conscience and God. Stan and Hilda can't move the donkey. When it does walk, it treads on Stan's foot. Cyril tells Hilda to keep Stan off the booze, giving Albert the idea to get Tommy drunk. Maggie tells Len that she refuses to divorce Les because of her marriage vows. Annie and Hilda think Len has a thing for Maggie. Stan deputises Hilda for him to get Tommy drunk. Len tells Ena that the cemetery is to be used for a technical college, not a supermarket and she backs down. Albert and Hilda end up legless themselves while Tommy easily knocks back the drinks. Minnie makes a supporters' banner and the regulars look forward to the match.


Regular cast

Guest cast



  • Writer and actor Ray H. Dunbobbin appears as an extra in scenes in the Rovers.
  • Bernard Youens only appears in the filmed street sequences and not in any studio scenes.
  • TV Times synopsis: A simple case of nobbling…but it's the wrong horse! (Variations which appeared in some regional editions were "In which the Rover fails to nobble the right Flying Horse" or "A horse is nobbled...")
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,900,000 homes (4th place).
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