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Tracy returns to the gym before Rob makes his escape. Freddie's friends gather at the Rovers but the man himself is a no-show. Nathan asks Sarah to relax her rules on Bethany and makes out that Bethany wants to give her and Gary space. Sarah refuses. When reporting back to Bethany, he says that Sarah thinks she's jealous of her and Gary. As Bethany seethes, Nathan suggests that she moves in with him and she agrees. Rob puts his faith in Tracy and gives an account of how he regained his freedom: he was being transferred after grassing up some fellow prisoners who smuggled contraband into prison when the van crashed and went into a river, where he got free and swam to safety. He believes that the driver was paid by the gang to stage the crash so that they could get to him but something went wrong, and he's hoping that the police and the perpetrators have now written him off. Tracy's scepticism turns to anger when he admits to having nightmares about killing Tina and wishes he could take it back; she'd rather face reality which is that he's brought the mob to her doorstep. Rita makes up with Freddie when he gives his fruit machine winnings and a mock poster for one of her old singing spots at the Zambezi, which he had made online. Peter's solicitor warns him that his story doesn't add up. In front of Toyah, he confesses that he flirted with Chloe to keep the tips coming and that she kissed him once. Amy brazenly tells Tracy that she shopped Adam to the police, knowing his alibi to be false. Freddie can't face everyone at the Rovers and leaves the street after saying goodbye to Max and Lily, telling them he'll never forget Kylie. He leaves a letter for Audrey. Toyah doesn't know what to make of Peter and Chloe's kiss. Kate tells Jenny she's worried that the wedding preparations are proving too much for Johnny but the subject is forgotten when Jenny asks Kate to be a bridesmaid and she accepts. Bethany calls Sarah to tell her that she's moving out. Sarah realises that Nathan twisted her words. Peter tells Ken about Adam's arrest.


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