Luke is peeved when Tracy fobs him off yet again. Shona tells Phelan that she was visiting her nephew who is inside for twoccing. Pat believes her lie. David the dog runs into No.11 while the front door is open and takes root behind Eileen's TV, barking at Shona when she tries to grab him. Sarah asks Craig to look in on Bethany at the tanning salon, hoping that he can get her away from Nathan. Fiz arranges to meet up with Kim Vaughan, an old friend from care who is now a lecturer. Adam treats Amy to lunch so that he can pump her for information on Tracy. Amy thinks he intends to pin the blame on Tracy for attacking Ken and keeps schtum. Luke asks Tracy what's really going on with her and finishes with her when she doesn't tell him. Shona can barely look David in the eye when he comes to collect his dog. Freddie prepares to move on. Tyrone is put out when Fiz's friend Kim turns out to be a man and an attractive one. Gail tells Shona to try harder to act normal around David. Shona would rather his family left her alone. Tracy moans to Amy that Phelan has billed her for two kitchen worktops, with the correct one being fitted on the night of Ken's attack. Craig visits Bethany and they arrange to go out another night. Nathan advises Bethany to give Craig a wide berth, branding his concern for her as stalkerish. Adam meets Peter and Daniel and voices his suspicion that Tracy pushed Ken after finding out that he'd cut her out of his will. He tells them she doesn't have an alibi as she wasn't with Luke. Amy calls DS MacKinnon and tells her to check the kitchen worktop for Adam's fingerprints. As Fiz and Kim talk over old times, Tyrone becomes jealous. Bethany stays with Nathan and asks David to lie to Sarah that she's going to a mate's. In the empty gym, Tracy visits a dishevelled Rob Donovan.


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