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Jenny witters on about the wedding plans, oblivious to Johnny's distracted state. Rosie thinks Sally shouldn't resign, although her mother is determined to do so. Faye hears from Phelan that Seb plans to plead guilty to assaulting Jackson Hodge. She asks him to take her to court for the hearing but he refuses. David is starting to find the dog annoying. Sarah wants to take the children to a theme park on the money but David refuses. Nick's angry with Robert for employing Michelle but he's adamant that she's being offered the job. Steve calls on Michelle and tells her that he's arranged for the two of them to see a marriage counsellor that afternoon. She's incredulous at his nerve but he's adamant that they could give it a go again. Kevin and Anna break the news to Tyrone that the garage is facing bankruptcy. Gail tells Shona about David's legacy. She's pleased for him. Gary tries to give Anna some extra money but she refuses the gift. Robert offers Michelle the job but she wants time to consider. She tells him about the counselling arrangement and wonders if, for once, Steve is right. Sarah tells Gary about David's windfall. He's annoyed, considering Anna's financial problems. Alone in the house, Sally has a panic attack and securely locks herself in. Robert tells Michelle to do the right thing with Steve if he can make her happy. They hug. Johnny can't focus his eyes on the proofs of the wedding invitations. Kate doesn't realise his problem as she laughs that Jenny's name has been spelled incorrectly. Michelle watches Steve leave for the counselling session. Rosie and Sophie arrive at the Gazette offices, determined to find out who placed the obituary notice. Rosie's taken aback to find the only person there is the photographer who twisted Sally's words over the building site protest and determines that he's going to assist them. Steve tells Liz that Michelle failed to turn up but still has hopes. Michelle tracks down Robert and asks why he cares about her. He tells her he loves her and they kiss passionately.


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